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  1. Should an iPad be damaged, lost, or stolen the student and parent/guardian should immediately notify the school administration.  The filing of a police report by the parent/ guardian may be advised at that time.

  2. In the event that an iPad is damaged, lost, or stolen the iPad owner will be assessed a $100.00 deductible for the repair or replacement of the iPad for the first occurrence per device.  The iPad owner will be charged the full cost (up to $500.00) plus any reformatting costs for each subsequent repair or replacement.

  3. In the event of a lost or stolen iPad and once a police report is filed, the Danville Community School Corporation, in conjunction and only in conjunction with police, may deploy location software which may aid the police in recovering the iPad.

  4. Students who leave Danville Community School Corporation during the school year must return the iPad, along with any other accessories, at the time they leave the corporation. The iPad and all accessories should be returned to the teacher supervising the iPad Student Support Room.